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gray Apple wireless keyboard beside black tablet computer and stylus pen
gray Apple wireless keyboard beside black tablet computer and stylus pen


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We are an integrative, creative network of professionals and industry leaders, offering the best in a wide variety of fields and specialties. We understand the need for a powerful and passionate team that help leads you to that great design is built on a foundation of quality and affordability. The design studio is passionately managed by Amanda Pandrige, our main designer who has been expertly curating private residences for over 20 years. Our philosophy is that design can help transform lives.

Beautiful thoughts from our clients

Linda Moore

”Inspiration and imagination underpins their work. The team respects design traditions and does the utmost to maintain them. It's a place where people work with integrity.” 

MaTthew Smith

” It's clear they strive to improve client service by developing the right blend of technology and creativity to make sure every job done is done as efficiently as possible.” 

Frank Landwick

” They believe in the power and versatility of technology to make their services better, to enable them to deliver the best results possible. They make service a clear priority.”